fix #90: add a ble_error_t paramter to initializationCompletionCallback

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Rohit Grover 2015-10-28 11:55:22 +00:00
parent 918af4fbac
commit 5c7f26e06f

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@ -38,8 +38,19 @@ class BLEInstanceBase;
class BLE
typedef unsigned InstanceID_t;
typedef void (*InitializationCompleteCallback_t)(BLE &bleInstance);
typedef unsigned InstanceID_t; /** The type returned by BLE::getInstanceID(). */
* The function signature for callbacks for initialization completion.
* @param ble
* A reference to the BLE instance being initialized.
* @param error
* This captures the result of initialization. It is set to
* BLE_ERROR_NONE if initialization completed successfully. Else
* the error value is implementation specific.
typedef void (*InitializationCompleteCallback_t)(BLE &ble, ble_error_t error);
* Initialize the BLE controller. This should be called before using
@ -61,6 +72,12 @@ public:
* @return BLE_ERROR_NONE if the initialization procedure was started
* successfully.
* @note The underlying stack must invoke the initialization completion
* callback in response to init(). In some cases, initialization is
* instantaneous (or blocking); if so, it is acceptable for the stack-
* specific implementation of init() to invoke the completion callback
* directly--i.e. within its own context.
* @note Nearly all BLE APIs would return
* BLE_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_INCOMPLETE if used on an instance before the
* corresponding transport is initialized.