provide a useful initial implementation for GattClient::discoverServices()

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Rohit Grover 2015-07-06 14:35:05 +01:00
parent 33a70b4655
commit 735e18aab3

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@ -138,12 +138,11 @@ public:
virtual ble_error_t discoverServices(Gap::Handle_t connectionHandle,
ServiceDiscovery::ServiceCallback_t callback,
const UUID &matchingServiceUUID = UUID::ShortUUIDBytes_t(BLE_UUID_UNKNOWN)) {
/* avoid compiler warnings about unused variables */
return BLE_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED; /* Requesting action from porter(s): override this API if this capability is supported. */
return launchServiceDiscovery(connectionHandle, callback, NULL, matchingServiceUUID); /* We take advantage of the property
* that providing NULL for the characteristic callback will result in
* characteristic discovery being skipped for each matching
* service. This allows for an inexpensive method to discover only
* services. Porter(s) are free to override this. */