Release 0.4.8


* Introduce an Instance() class method to BLE to allow access to the BLE
  singleton(s) using instanceID. Calling BLE::Instance() is preferable to
  constructing a BLE object directly because Instance() returns references to
  internally created singletons.

* We've added an initial prototype for a yotta-config based initialization for BLE transports.

  It is conceivable to have multiple BLE transports available to a system
  concurrently in which case Instance() can be passed an instanceID.
  There's also a BLE::NUM_INSTANCES--instanceID passed to Instance() should be
  less than NUM_INSTANCES for the returned BLE singleton to be useful.

  The config system now allows the target to specify multiple BLE instances.
  BLE::Instance() and BLE constructor rely upon a static array of initializers
  to create actual BLE transport instances. A description of these instances
  and initializers is supposed to be put in some .json file contributing to
  yotta's configuration (typically the target.json). Here's a sample:

  "config": {
    "ble_instances": {
      "count": 1,
      "0" : {
        "initializer" : "createBLEInstance"

  Refer to
  Note: The configuration system is currently experimental. Some of the
  behaviour described below may change in backwards-incompatible ways with
  minor updates to yotta.

  The use of this feature is optional. Initialization would continue to work
  like before as long as there is a default createBLEInstance() method

* We've updated our support for Google's Eddystone beacon by adding the EddystoneConfigService.

* Added onConnection() and onDisconnection() now append to a callback chain internally.
  Please note that this has also changed the callbackType for onDisconnection; resulting in a minor breaking change for API.
  All previous programs using onDisconnection() would need to adapt.

* Handle the case of a NULL transport pointer for BLE.

* We now disallow copy constructor and assignment operator for BLE.
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"name": "ble",
"version": "0.4.7",
"version": "0.4.8",
"description": "The BLE module offers a high level abstraction for using Bluetooth Low Energy on multiple platforms.",
"keywords": [
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"mbed-drivers": "*"