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  Joe Finney bbc2dc58f8 microbit: Additional callback to indicate to applications when System 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 33935ace89 Merge branch 'ble-bondcount' 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 1b78b7bba4 microbit: Added 'bonds' field to Gap::Whitelist_t structure 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 06467deeed Merge branch 'master' of https://www.github.com/lancaster-university/BLE_API 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 3306737028 microbit: Added support for explicit notification 7 years ago
  Joe Finney a5f6d4b877 microbit: Disabled default instantiation of DFUService. 7 years ago
  Vincent Coubard e0f693adde version v2.5.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 63a0a1364d Merge pull request #160 from andresag01/bond-table-query 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 81b8f0a240 Add doxygen experimental tag to getAddressFromBondTable API 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia e67bcf35c8 Make getAddressFromBondTable API const 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 513ec79c5a Add API to get addresses of peers in bond table 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 53fe8b4fac version v2.4.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 0f26e18e43 Merge pull request #159 from andresag01/whitelisting 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 0dd7f29518 Change return value of set.*PolicyMode() functions in Gap 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 706a97bca2 Add @experimental doxygen tag to new APIs 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 0b2ca7aafd Add capacity to whitelist structure 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia a488074d7a Change Whitelisting API according to comments 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia c56bc43058 Remove unnecessary include in BLEProtocol 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 819a0ca799 Fix comments and add Address_t empty constructor 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 42a202e047 Finilise Whitelisting experimental API 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 6021b70625 Fix Address_t and AddressBytes_t problem in Gap 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 54977ed9f0 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:ARMmbed/ble into whitelisting 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia f7570e8bd5 Early whitelisting API 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 4af295aba6 version v2.3.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 0e70683f81 Merge pull request #105 from pan-/descriptorDiscovery 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard ca85939442 version v2.2.3 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard a7d97ae5c4 Merge pull request #158 from LiyouZhou/hotfix_Gap_AddressType 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 5caca671f3 Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/ARMmbed/ble into descriptorDiscovery 6 years ago
  Liyou Zhou b2dd219ff4 Fix issues 6 years ago
  Liyou Zhou ec7df38a77 Add deprecated message to Gap::connect overload function 6 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 7398a396d7 Hotfix for backward compatibility 7 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 3036b058fe Merge pull request #153 from andresag01/update_adv_payload 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 484382e2aa Fix comment in GapAdvertisingData 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 02ca65bc9f Make update adv payload replace previous data 7 years ago
  Vincent Coubard fa8068478e Merge pull request #154 from andresag01/clean_warnings 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover bd2b3cd05b version v2.2.2 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover 6d1dc39a44 Merge pull request #155 from andresag01/add_err_code 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia c64decef73 Add BLE_ERROR_INTERNAL_STACK_FAILURE error code 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia fec4e5ec53 Add documentation missing for updateData() 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia ae516d1aba Clean up code in DiscoveredCharacteristic.cpp 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 4fb7c06886 Rename updateFieldPayload to updateField 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 39e3e8d151 Modify functions that manipulate adv payload 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover 002c761381 version v2.2.1 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover 1381ba46e7 Merge pull request #150 from andresag01/rm_appearance 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia e40dc0642c Fix comment in GapAdvertisingParams.h 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 7ce1b80b8c Removed deprecated appearance enum from blecommon.h 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover 7ded8ae784 version v2.2.0 7 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 31be7790b0 Merge pull request #146 from andresag01/develop 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 0024b78a39 Clear shutdown callchain after exec callbacks 7 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 65ed5c13a8 Merge pull request #145 from rgrover/develop 7 years ago