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The BLE module within mbed OS offers a high abstraction level for using Bluetooth Low Energy on multiple platforms.

This documentation describes the internal structure of the mbed BLE API.

For getting started with BLE on mbed, check our introduction page.

For mbed OS examples using BLE, check this repository. For mbed-classic examples, please refer to code under

Supported Services

Currently supported reference services include:

  • [Battery](@ref BatteryService)
  • [Device Firmware Update (DFU)](@ref DFUService)
  • [Device Information](@ref DeviceInformationService)
  • [Health Thermometer](@ref HealthThermometerService)
  • [Heart Rate](@ref HeartRateService)
  • [UART](@ref UARTService)
  • [UriBeacon](@ref URIBeaconConfigService)
  • [iBeacon](@ref iBeacon)

The documentation contains an overview on how to create new, application-specific services.