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  Schoumi 6f3b3c2adb update to version 3.5 3 years ago
  Schoumi de72a5dcda update ci script 3 years ago
  Schoumi 7c5085c182 update ci script 3 years ago
  Schoumi e9cfa9dcab Add Support Dialog 3 years ago
  Schoumi 9cb7bb6bd1 Add tipeee to AboutFragment 3 years ago
  Schoumi 92a5e15a49 Add home action in drawer 3 years ago
  Schoumi bec8d20750 move from old libraries to androidx libraries 3 years ago
  Schoumi 254f3bf4e7 Migration from anymaps repository to the version in this repo 3 years ago
  Schoumi 34f7e505b8 prepare integration of anymaps in the project to maintain it and keep it 3 years ago
  Schoumi 96d0d81ade Publish Version 3.4 5 years ago
  Schoumi ba66d074ba Fix some crash 5 years ago
  Schoumi 8359aa27fb Better permission management 5 years ago
  Schoumi 83e7ac84fc Fix crash onPermissionResult before any permission request 5 years ago
  Schoumi ed9f00bab2 Release 3.2 5 years ago
  Schoumi a1235d447d Fix missing file from last commit 5 years ago
  Schoumi 52033acc22 Fix bug that don't load maps due to permission error 5 years ago
  Schoumi 9f1d1cc6f1 New Release to fix some bugs 5 years ago
  Schoumi 21eb1c2e94 Fix Bug in first launch 5 years ago
  Schoumi 81edf57198 Remove some logs 5 years ago
  Schoumi ab3d33486e Cleanup ads that's not cleaned before 5 years ago
  Schoumi 1ac33cb229 Fix some spelling and typo mistakes. Thanks goofy to help me on this 5 years ago
  Schoumi 166cde269e Fix versionCode error 5 years ago
  Schoumi 43e288ea63 Fix Bug cursor empty and map not initialized 5 years ago
  Schoumi 3a205aa183 Fix idx if idx == -1 or >= markerList size 5 years ago
  Schoumi 415f2262b2 Remove Ads 5 years ago
  Schoumi 3f873326e1 Add Licence GPL 5 years ago
  Schoumi b0f208823b Big refactoring 5 years ago
  Schoumi 2985520c89 suppression de local.properties fortement dépendant de mon installation 7 years ago
  Schoumi 6063801295 Modification du git ignore pour ajouter local.properties aux fichier à 7 years ago
  Schoumi a4df48a209 Livraison version 7 7 years ago
  Schoumi e453036e67 Notifications des dons dans les deux semaines prochaines semaines 7 years ago
  Schoumi c524297eaa Meilleurs gestion des notifications + ajout du centre de notification 7 years ago
  Schoumi 51dcba8f1a Initial Commit from new workspace for android studio 7 years ago