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# Goblim
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[![Build Status](https://drone.mob-dev.fr/api/badges/Schoumi/Goblim/status.svg)](https://drone.mob-dev.fr/Schoumi/Goblim)
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Goblim is an Android application.
Goblim let your share your photos on the Lut.im server of your choice. Use your own server to regain control of your privacy!
* Multiple configurable hosting URLs — Use your own server!
* Copy the sharing URL to clipboard or share it to another application
* Keep track of your storage lifetime
* HTTP & HTTPS support
* Share history with thumbnails, share control.
* Encryption of images on the server
Lut.im "Let's Upload That Image" is an open source image sharing server you can install on your own machine (self-hosting, VPS, dedicated, cloud). See https://github.com/ldidry/lutim
Download it on the playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.mobdev.goblim
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