7 Commits (024e05f5ce203e59d7f613e1a7dd210bfaab389a)

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  Schoumi 024e05f5ce Add Support for user to choose his history order 3 years ago
  Schoumi 8d7b5da123 Fix translation 3 years ago
  Schoumi ffb9abf5fc Manage upload multiple files at the same time 3 years ago
  Schoumi 94a704708a Fix French Translation thanks to Vauss 4 years ago
  Schoumi b70f24a5fa Adding support of G+/Picasa photos 5 years ago
  Schoumi b751c3ecb0 End of refactor Gobelim -> Goblim 5 years ago
  Schoumi bed99964f6 Better handle of string to avoid static string in code 5 years ago
  Schoumi 9be5255cdc Cleanup on activities and add GPLV3 Header in each source file 5 years ago
  Schoumi 60e0a9dd93 First Commit of the project before cleanup and gpl header add 5 years ago