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# Split Audio File
Split audio file is a mini-application to split a long vorbis (ogg) file into segment and add metadata for each part.
# Build
# Run
# OutputDir should exist before runing
./split-audio-file -i InputFile.ogg -o OutputDir -s SplitInfoFile.csv
# SplitIntoFile File Format
group;A Group;
album;An Album;
genre;A Genre;
1;Title 1;00:00;01:50;
2;Title 2;01:50;05:43;
3;Title 3;05:43;09:53;
4;Title 4;09:53;13:49;
5;Title 5;13:49;17:20;
group, album, year, genre are optionnal
tracks is mandatory
tracknumber;title;start_time;end_time; are mandatory
# More
It's a simple peace of code made in few hours, it could be inprove in many ways.
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