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What's Cozy?
![Cozy Logo](
[Cozy] is a personal data platform that brings all your web services in the same private space. With it, your webapps and your devices can share data easily, providing you with a new experience. You can install Cozy on your own hardware where no one's tracking you.
What is this konnector about ?
2018-11-02 11:55:47 +00:00
This konnector retrieves your declarations from [Net-Entreprises]( for Micro/Auto Entrepreneur
### Open a Pull-Request
If you want to work on this konnector and submit code modifications, feel free to open pull-requests!
</br>See :
* the [contributing guide][contribute] for more information about how to properly open pull-requests.
* the [konnectors development guide](
### Run and test
Create a `konnector-dev-config.json` file at the root with your test credentials :
"COZY_URL": "",
2018-11-02 11:50:54 +00:00
"fields": {
2018-11-02 15:33:07 +00:00
Then :
yarn standalone
For running the konnector connected to a Cozy server and more details see [konnectors documentation](
### Cozy-konnector-libs
This connector uses [cozy-konnector-libs]( It brings a bunch of helpers to interact with the Cozy server and to fetch data from an online service.
### Maintainer
2018-11-02 11:50:54 +00:00
The lead maintainers for this konnector is Schoumi
### Get in touch
You can reach the Cozy Community by:
- [konnectors documentation](
- Chatting with us on IRC [#cozycloud on Freenode][freenode]
- Posting on our [Forum]
- Posting issues on the [Github repos][github]
- Say Hi! on [Twitter]
net-entreprises-micro is developed by Schoumi and distributed under the [AGPL v3 license][agpl-3.0].
[cozy]: "Cozy Cloud"