Commit 0319d9d5 authored by Renovate Bot's avatar Renovate Bot Committed by renovate[bot]

chore(deps): update dependency webpack to v4.28.3

parent 9d0398e7
......@@ -7861,10 +7861,10 @@ webpack-sources@^1.3.0:
source-list-map "^2.0.0"
source-map "~0.6.1"
version "4.28.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-PK3uVg3/NuNVOjPfYleFI6JF7khO7c2kIlksH7mivQm+QDcwiqV1x6+q89dDeOioh5FNxJHr3LKbDu3oSAhl9g==
version "4.28.3"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-vLZN9k5I7Nr/XB1IDG9GbZB4yQd1sPuvufMFgJkx0b31fi2LD97KQIjwjxE7xytdruAYfu5S0FLBLjdxmwGJCg==
"@webassemblyjs/ast" "1.7.11"
"@webassemblyjs/helper-module-context" "1.7.11"
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