Commit 170c206b authored by Renovate Bot's avatar Renovate Bot Committed by renovate[bot]

chore(deps): update dependency husky to v1.2.0

parent 9f3a6855
......@@ -3485,10 +3485,10 @@ https-proxy-agent@^2.2.0:
agent-base "^4.1.0"
debug "^3.1.0"
version "1.1.4"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-cZjGpS7qsaBSo3fOMUuR7erQloX3l5XzL1v/RkIqU6zrQImDdU70z5Re9fGDp7+kbYlM2EtS4aYMlahBeiCUGw==
version "1.2.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-/ib3+iycykXC0tYIxsyqierikVa9DA2DrT32UEirqNEFVqOj1bFMTgP3jAz8HM7FgC/C8pc/BTUa9MV2GEkZaA==
cosmiconfig "^5.0.6"
execa "^1.0.0"
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