Commit 8941cd8b authored by Renovate Bot's avatar Renovate Bot Committed by renovate[bot]

chore(deps): update dependency cozy-app-publish to v0.10.1

parent 0319d9d5
......@@ -1613,10 +1613,10 @@ cosmiconfig@^5.0.7:
js-yaml "^3.9.0"
parse-json "^4.0.0"
version "0.10.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-aHETgXoAsRTRXvqK3f9pVFdNvBeXNShCz2SwUWPeE4Law7oEwKu8b38JpYID0xCWSrAu78ym322OgrKZ6p6IIg==
version "0.10.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-tDdPfAfyr3DC2gwrePHK+c8IVgaAhDAMkJz/Bwn3Cp6nCVN0PoaiDmK7dZ0MLUGViloCnOQI2K7u/wsqRf1eIQ==
chalk "2.4.1"
commander "2.19.0"
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