19 Commits (master)

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  doubleface 36ae448cb2 fix: add account data update permission + handle async saveAccountData 2 years ago
  doubleface 8667c744b1 chore: Bump version 1.3.0 🚀 2 years ago
  doubleface a9e8183168 chore: svg icon for better display in all sizes 2 years ago
  doubleface 8c76998728 chore: bump version 3 years ago
  doubleface cf7c7f55d3 chore: normalize git source in manifest 3 years ago
  Schoumi b443edb178 Add log for periode 3 years ago
  LucsT eab9164ce8 fix: Force new sub version because a 1.0.1 already waited for validation 3 years ago
  LucsT 2ec14fcc50 fix: Change categorie 3 years ago
  LucsT a54835ecd5 chore: Bump version 1.0.1 🚀 3 years ago
  doubleface 40742f811b fix: manifest format 3 years ago
  doubleface 8f0904acbc fix: add bank identifier in the manifest 3 years ago
  doubleface 68ca6bbb31 chore: version 3 years ago
  doubleface e313dc8bf2 feat: add siret number locale 3 years ago
  doubleface 42135ebc4b chore: Bump version 1.1.0 🚀 3 years ago
  doubleface c3f3202ac3 chore: packaging 3 years ago
  Schoumi ec355c6027 Fix manifest to use github url 3 years ago
  Schoumi f9b99cc531 Manifest 3 years ago
  Schoumi 466ba3a006 Connection, retrieve list of past declaration, fetch each one done 3 years ago