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Joe Finney 427f56863c Merge pull request #6 from mmoskal/tcracefix 6 years ago
Michal Moskal 6c250bb0e7 Avoid race condition in clearing TC interrupt flags 6 years ago
Joe Finney 03f4fbc253 Extend range of PWM and minor code optimisations 6 years ago
James Devine be51bd33c1 mbed-classic: added new PWM implementation 6 years ago
Devine 3d3ff2e7eb mbed-classic: merge targets.json from upstream. 7 years ago
James Devine 1fb8ab4c19 mbed-classic: BUGFIX for timer when using wait_ms from interrupt context 7 years ago
James Devine 0918819fd0 mbed-classic: added nrf51.h from most recent SDK 7 years ago
Joe Finney 1a8031daf8 microbit: Patch to HF Ticker implementaiton to reduce glitching on wait_ms() 7 years ago
Joe Finney 4618870501 microbit: PortOut/PortIn now respects bit mask 7 years ago
James Devine 5678d944fe mbed-classic: reduced priority of timer interrupt 7 years ago
James Devine 6888edef4c updated implementation for us_ticker.c 7 years ago
James Devine 93df986f58 initial commit before we edit this git repo 7 years ago