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2015-11-15 14:31:44 +00:00
#include "mbed.h"
* The underlying Nordic libraries that support BLE do not compile cleanly with the stringent GCC settings we employ
* If we're compiling under GCC, then we suppress any warnings generated from this code (but not the rest of the DAL)
* The ARM cc compiler is more tolerant. We don't test __GNUC__ here to detect GCC as ARMCC also typically sets this
* as a compatability option, but does not support the options used...
#if !defined (__arm)
#pragma GCC diagnostic push
#pragma GCC diagnostic ignored "-Wunused-parameter"
#include "ble/BLE.h"
* Return to our predefined compiler settings.
#if !defined (__arm)
#pragma GCC diagnostic pop
#include "ble/services/DeviceInformationService.h"
#include "MicroBitDFUService.h"
#include "MicroBitEventService.h"
#include "MicroBitLEDService.h"
#include "MicroBitAccelerometerService.h"
#include "MicroBitMagnetometerService.h"
#include "MicroBitButtonService.h"
#include "MicroBitIOPinService.h"
#include "MicroBitTemperatureService.h"
#include "ExternalEvents.h"
* Class definition for the MicroBitBLEManager.
class MicroBitBLEManager
// The mbed abstraction of the BlueTooth Low Energy (BLE) hardware
BLEDevice *ble;
* Constructor.
* Configure and manage the micro:bit's Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stack.
* Note that the BLE stack *cannot* be brought up in a static context.
* (the software simply hangs or corrupts itself).
* Hence, we bring it up in an explicit init() method, rather than in the constructor.
* Post constructor initialisation method.
* After *MUCH* pain, it's noted that the BLE stack can't be brought up in a
* static context, so we bring it up here rather than in the constructor.
* n.b. This method *must* be called in main() or later, not before.
* Example:
* @code
* uBit.init();
* @endcode
void init(ManagedString deviceName, ManagedString serialNumber);
* Enter BLUEZOE mode. This is mode is called to initiate pairing, and to enable FOTA programming
* of the micro:bit in cases where BLE is disabled during normal operation.
* @param display a MicroBitDisplay to use when displaying pairing information.
void bluezone(MicroBitDisplay &display);
* Method that is called whenever a BLE device disconnects from us.
* The nordic stack stops dvertising whenever a device connects, so we use
* this callback to restart advertising.
void onDisconnectionCallback();