Allocated new UUIDs to DFU service and its characteristics to align with standard base UUID

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bluetooth-mdw 2015-09-18 08:25:11 +01:00
parent 44fcf4b04e
commit 4524195f90

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@ -108,9 +108,9 @@ k) Client reconnects to micro:bit and proceeds with FOTA per the Nordic document
MicroBit DFU Service : D8AF991C-7144-43D7-954B-99512F95F99C
Control Characteristic : 97109547-E63A-442A-BF89-9D730413DC2F
FlashCode Characteristic: 947B6934-64D1-4FAD-9BD0-CC9D6E9F3EA3
MicroBit DFU Service : E95D93B0-251D-470A-A062-FA1922DFA9A8
Control Characteristic : E95D93B1-251D-470A-A062-FA1922DFA9A8
FlashCode Characteristic: E95D93B2-251D-470A-A062-FA1922DFA9A8
Nordic DFU Service : 00001530-1212-EFDE-1523-785FEABCD123