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@ -10,6 +10,12 @@ D3. Simplify the IO Pin Service, possible to expose the edge connector pins only
D5. Generic Attribute Service: profile design doc/report doesnt show it and its mandatory (issue with Bluetooth Developer Studio).
D9. DFU services uses a different base UUID to the other custom services. Is this deliberate?
D10. Characteristics in the DFU service use a different base UUID to the parent service. Is this deliberate?
D11. What are the data types for DFU Control and DFU Flash Code? Assumed uint8 and array of uint8.
@ -25,6 +31,8 @@ D7. Why does LED Matrix State support “Write Without Response”? I think this
D8. MicroBit Requirements supports Write. This is (ironically and puntastically) wrong. Client should not be able to modify the requirements the MicroBit has. Changed.
D12. Microbit DFU service not in the profile design. Added. Needs descriptions and data types confirming.
Profile Testing