microbit: Added support for custom configuration files through yotta

A header file containing custom configuration options for the microbit:runtime can
now be defined through a yotaa configuration option.

For example, including the following inside a top level config.json file
will load configuration options from a file called "MicroBitCustomConfig.h" that is stored
alongside an application's main.cpp. Any options defined there will override the defaults
defined in microbit-dal/inc/MicroBitConfig.h :

   "microbit" :{
      "configfile" : "source/MicroBitCustomConfig.h"
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Joe Finney 2015-09-04 00:08:20 +01:00
parent f616011ac1
commit 8e1a15c79f

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endif ()
file(REMOVE "CortexContextSwitch.s")
configure_file("CortexContextSwitch.s.gcc" "CortexContextSwitch.s" COPYONLY)