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This file highlights all notable changes between tagged releases on the master branch of this repository, in the form of release notes.
For a more detailed treatment of changes, please see the commit history of the github repository containing this file.
Version 2.1.0 (18/10/18
- Refactor of motion sensor devices to support a range of accelerometer/magnetometer
sensors through abstract high level classes and concrete device specific subclasses.
- Introduction of resusable 3D coordinate space transformation code.
- Autodetection algorithm for I2C based accelerometer/magnetometer sensors.
- Add support for LSM303 accelerometer/magnetometer sensor.
- Add support for FXOS8700 accelerometer/magnetometer sensor.
- Update compass calibration UX to gather more samples during calibration
in order to improve accuracy. The algorithm now asks the user to "tilt to
fill the screen" with pixels, rather than 'draw a circle' of pixels.
- More resilient compass calibration algorithm based on iterative
approximation that provides more accurate calibration in the presence of
local magnetic fileds, such as those caused by a battery pack.
- Updates to heap memory allocator. The MicroBitHeapAllocator now replaces
the GNU libc heap allocator, rather than exisitng in parallel with it, in
order to reduce memory fragmentation and ensure that all allocations
benefit from multiple heap region support and interrupt safety.
- Added new bluetooth partial flashing service, that allows rapid
reprogramming of the micro:bit over bluetooth in the common case.
- Improved graphics for bluetooth pairing mode.
- Support to allow explicit launch of conmpass calibration algorithm via BLE characteristic.
- Support for integrated hardware quadrature decoder
- Minor bug fixes/code optimisations including:
- the message bus event routing code to support multiple event listeners
with the same id, value and context.
- accelerometer pitch measurement algorithm now has a full 0..360 degree
- Support for SHAKE gesture recognition in tight loops.
- prevent device lockups when routing UART pins to the edge connector.
- support for changing RADIO frequency whilst active.
- accurate configurations for optional SoftDevice S130v2.
Version 2.0.0
Initial Open Source Release