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Joe Finney 18236810a3 microbit: BLE Profile Beta 1
First functionally complete BLE profile, matching BLE speicfication v1.6.
More specifically, the following services are now functional:

  - AccelerometerService
  - MeganetometerService
  - EventService
  - TemperatureServide
  - IOPinService
  - DFUService
  - ButtonService
  - LEDService

Also, updates to underlying device drivers to enable greater configurability:

  - MicroBitCompass now supports variable sample rates and temperature sensing
  - MicroBitAccelerometer now supports variable sample rates and ranges
  - MicroBitThermometer introduced
  - MicroBitMessageBus adapted to permit enumeration and block removal of listeners

Finally, MicroBit DFU Service has been changed to the new UUIDs specificed in v1.6 of BLE spec.
2015-09-28 21:40:44 +01:00
Damien George 0dcb6834ec microbit: Use default constructor for MatrixPoint so data is ROMable.
Previous to this patch an explicit constructor was provided for creating
MatrixPoint instances, which meant that such objects could not be put in
ROM (since they needed to be constructed at runtime).

By using the defualt construction method for structs the MatrixPoint map
is now compiled into the rodata section, hence freeing up RAM.

Saves: 4 bytes data, 56 bytes bss, 148 bytes code.
2015-09-25 21:19:10 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 5b54d1d3c1 Reports now include Summary and Abstract fields from Bluetooth Developer Studio 2015-09-25 11:14:01 +01:00
Joe Finney 4314b68643 microbit: First implementation of Temperature Service 2015-09-23 22:15:44 +01:00
Joe Finney b00fc85548 Merge branch 'ble-profile' of into ble-profile 2015-09-22 16:14:42 +01:00
Joe Finney eb5ed28f74 microbit: First cut at MicroBitButtonService and microBitIOPinService
Strictly still development - untested code.
2015-09-22 16:13:08 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw dcd03cb4e2 A range of changes motivated mostly by optimisation opportunities and implementation issues. 2015-09-22 15:07:12 +01:00
Joe Finney ef613e9d86 microbit: Added BLE Magnetometer service compilation, initialization and configuration options 2015-09-19 22:19:57 +01:00
Joe Finney 3cfc7ec6e7 microbit: Ammendments to ensure fiber is never pages out due to eventing and minor cleanups
- renamed fiber flag to be more general.
- renamed idle to idleFiber to be consistent with the rest of the code.
- factored content of idle() into a funciton to avoid dupication.
- added test case to MessageBus::process() to avoid forking fibers if not requested.
- removed fiber_allow_run_idle_within mutator in favour of exposing currentFiber, as a more general solution.
2015-09-19 21:44:58 +01:00
Joe Finney 1e71169550 microbit: First draft of Magnetometer BLE service 2015-09-19 21:03:36 +01:00
Joe Finney ae0e5611c3 microbit: First draft of reconfigurable frequencies of MicroBitCompass 2015-09-19 21:00:38 +01:00
Damien George 9ccdd25e9f microbit: Allow to run the idle task within the current fiber's stack.
If there is only 1 main fiber (plus the idle fiber) then enabling this
new feature for the main fiber (using fiber_allow_run_idle_within())
will mean that no heap is needed to swap the stack out.
2015-09-19 11:45:45 +01:00
Joe Finney 2c9f63902c microbit: Message Bus updates to support URGENT events queue optimisations
Added new URGENT listener type, that ensures immediate, non queuing delivery of events.
Introduced two-pass algorithm into message bus. Only events with an event listener are now
queued at ingress - this reduces unecessary memory usage for 'uninteresting' events.
2015-09-18 23:20:44 +01:00
Joe Finney 058f73ede1 microbit: Moved MicroBitDFUService UUIDs to match BLE profile specification 2015-09-18 18:48:27 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw e2f6941728 Fixed file name typo 2015-09-18 13:51:25 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw aa8e9176bd V1.5 of BLE profile 2015-09-18 08:56:58 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 4524195f90 Allocated new UUIDs to DFU service and its characteristics to align with standard base UUID 2015-09-18 08:25:11 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 44fcf4b04e Added suggestion regarding white listing and directed advertising 2015-09-18 07:01:27 +01:00
Joe Finney ec30695d7d microbit: BUGFIX MicroBit::reset() now operates correctly 2015-09-17 23:32:40 +01:00
Joe Finney a61bd49620 microbit: BUGFIX: Memory leak in ManagedType.h
Corrected corner case memory leak. Instances of ManagedType<> created using the default
constructor would create a reference counter by default, with a value of 0. However, if
destructor or copy-assigned in this state, this reference count would not be destroyed,
resulting in a 4 byte leak on the heap for each occurence.
2015-09-17 23:16:40 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 4c8f066261 Added issue T8 - advertising parameters review needed 2015-09-17 16:47:56 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw dfa32ef79f Merge branch 'ble-profile' of into ble-profile 2015-09-17 16:25:42 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 61fd503bba Description of the pairing and FOTA process added to the documentation 2015-09-17 16:25:23 +01:00
Jonathan Protzenko 78ad8a1646 Small tweak for the new ignore function. 2015-09-16 12:08:09 -07:00
Jonathan Protzenko 3158445208 New setAnalogPeriodUs function.
Fixes bbc/microbit-extras#1389.
2015-09-16 11:52:25 -07:00
Joe Finney a17830030e microbit: HOTFIX: BLE Notification bug in MicroBitDFUService
Hotfix of a minor bug in the MicroBitDFU Service that prevented BLE notifications
from being sent on the FlashCode characterisitic. Needed as the Samsung companion
app is dependent on this functionality to enable BLE programmming of the micro:bit.
2015-09-15 17:03:36 +01:00
Joe Finney 2654265622 Merge branch 'ble-profile' of into ble-profile 2015-09-15 15:20:03 +01:00
Joe Finney 037ef999eb microbit: Merge branch 'master' into ble-profile
Pulled in changes from MessageBusExtensions to support development of ble profiles.
2015-09-15 15:17:21 +01:00
Joe Finney ff1faab0ab Merge pull request #4 from lancaster-university/MessageBusExtensions
Message bus extensions
2015-09-15 15:05:19 +01:00
Joe Finney ccd351a4ed microbit: Added explicit notify() operation to MicroBitDFUService 2015-09-15 14:34:25 +01:00
Joe Finney 3395f66d3d microbit: Added configurable event processing options into MicroBitEvent
Events in the micro:bit runtime are normally launched through making an instance
of the MicroBitEvent class. This update added configuration support to all the
code creating the MicroBitEvent decide if the newly created event should then be
automatically queued on the MessageBus or processed immediately by event handlers.
2015-09-12 11:34:16 +01:00
Joe Finney 7fe731b731 Update 2015-09-11 16:50:28 +01:00
Joe Finney a875d5fccd microbit: Added configurable concurrency modes for MicroBitMessageBus handlers.
MessageBus handlers can now have one of four concurrency modes for the eventuality
of an event being raised whilst a previous event is still being processed. An additional
(optional) parameter is provided to the listen() functions to allow this to be selected
on a per event handler basis. The permissable options are:

The event handler is fired with the new event, regardless of whether or not
a previous event is still be processed by that handler.

The new event is queued until such a time as the previous event has completed
execution. The new event is then processed. This option does not preclude the
processing of the new event by other event handlers.

The new event is dropped, and will never be processed the the event handler.
This option does not preclude the processing of the new event by other event handlers.

The event handler is self-declaring that it never blocks. This flag is used purely
for optimisation, as it permits direct execution of the event hadnelr without inducing
any overhead from the scheduler.

In addition, the following minor revisions were made in this release:

* Cleanup of the #include dependencies contained in the microbit-dal .h files
* Bugfix to the scheduler block on event matching code.
* Introduced a MICROBIT_ID_ALERT MessageBus channel, for general purpose eventing using nonces.
2015-09-11 16:39:38 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 9b05dc2708 Removed pin characteristics not relating to the edge connector. 2015-09-11 07:47:36 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 9cda28c9f8 Adding profile documentation to github 2015-09-10 13:21:11 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 6219996ed8 Updated 2015-09-10 13:20:53 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 3d5c156026 Updated wrt latest status 2015-09-10 13:01:24 +01:00
Joe Finney 51493092ff microbit: Added support to remove MicroBitListener event handlers. 2015-09-10 12:53:39 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw d4575c55f1 now the file to track BLE issues in 2015-09-10 10:06:27 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw 2839c131c0 Moved D4 to the Profile Testing section and renumbered 2015-09-10 08:01:12 +01:00
bluetooth-mdw fbd89ac472 Added simple list of BLE issues to work on and track 2015-09-10 07:57:20 +01:00
Joe Finney ac880878fd microbit: Added a CHANGES file to track ammends made to BLE spec that were discovered during implementation. 2015-09-10 00:15:05 +01:00
Joe Finney 8ea2e953c8 microbit: Added C++ member function callback support into MicroBitMessageBus
Event callbacks can now be transparently added to any C++ member function
matching the MicroBitMessageBud signature:  void fn(MicroBitEvent e)
2015-09-10 00:04:27 +01:00
Joe Finney 609cb6f2d8 microbit: Added first draft of BLE Accelerometer service
n.b. this code is as yet untested.
2015-09-09 15:16:11 +01:00
Joe Finney 9ccf0a7688 microbit: Added configuration support for accelerometer sample rate and range
MicroBitAccelerometer now contans methods to allow dynamic selection of sample range
(from +/-2g to +/-8g) and sample frequency (up to 800Hz). The default settings and behaviour
remain consistent.
2015-09-08 23:16:15 +01:00
Joe Finney 380b999440 microbit: BUGFIX: read callbacks on working
Changes to MicroBitLEDService class to ensure matrixCharacteristic remains
persistent. Needed to allow mbed read callbacks.
2015-09-08 13:55:15 +01:00
Joe Finney 7e18131849 microbit: Added MicroBitLEDService
One of the standard services defiend with the Bluetooth SIG. Allows remote control
of the LED matrix display over BLE.
2015-09-07 17:09:17 +01:00
Joe Finney 574b408cd1 microbit: Code Structure Cleanup
Create subdirectories for assembler code and BLE specific functionality
2015-09-07 10:26:48 +01:00
Joe Finney 8e1a15c79f microbit: Added support for custom configuration files through yotta
A header file containing custom configuration options for the microbit:runtime can
now be defined through a yotaa configuration option.

For example, including the following inside a top level config.json file
will load configuration options from a file called "MicroBitCustomConfig.h" that is stored
alongside an application's main.cpp. Any options defined there will override the defaults
defined in microbit-dal/inc/MicroBitConfig.h :

   "microbit" :{
      "configfile" : "source/MicroBitCustomConfig.h"
2015-09-04 00:08:20 +01:00
Joe Finney f616011ac1 microbit: Integrate support for transparent gcc compiles
Custom CMakefile added to microbit-dal to automatically assemble the correct
version of CortexContextSwitch.s accordiong to the current build target.
2015-09-02 18:54:31 +01:00