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#include "MicroBitEvent.h"
// UUIDs for our service and characteristics
extern const uint8_t MicroBitEventServiceUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitEventServiceMicroBitEventCharacteristicUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitEventServiceClientEventCharacteristicUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitEventServiceMicroBitRequirementsCharacteristicUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitEventServiceClientRequirementsCharacteristicUUID[];
struct EventServiceEvent
uint16_t type;
uint16_t reason;
* Class definition for a MicroBit BLE Event Service.
* Provides a _ble gateway onto the MicroBit Message Bus.
class MicroBitEventService : public MicroBitComponent
* Constructor.
* Create a representation of the EventService
* @param BLE The instance of a BLE device that we're running on.
MicroBitEventService(BLEDevice &_ble);
* Periodic callback from MicroBit scheduler.
* If we're no longer connected, remove any registered Message Bus listeners.
virtual void idleTick();
* Callback. Invoked when any of our attributes are written via BLE.
void onDataWritten(const GattWriteCallbackParams *params);
* Callback. Invoked when any events are sent on the microBit message bus.
void onMicroBitEvent(MicroBitEvent evt);
* read callback on microBitRequirements characteristic.
* Used to iterate through the events that the code on this micro:bit is interested in.
void onRequirementsRead(GattReadAuthCallbackParams *params);
// Bluetooth stack we're running on.
BLEDevice &ble;
// memory for our event characteristics.
EventServiceEvent clientEventBuffer;
EventServiceEvent microBitEventBuffer;
EventServiceEvent microBitRequirementsBuffer;
EventServiceEvent clientRequirementsBuffer;
// handles on this service's characterisitics.
GattAttribute::Handle_t microBitEventCharacteristicHandle;
GattAttribute::Handle_t clientRequirementsCharacteristicHandle;
GattAttribute::Handle_t clientEventCharacteristicHandle;
GattCharacteristic *microBitRequirementsCharacteristic;
// Message bus offset last sent to the client...
uint16_t messageBusListenerOffset;