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#include "MicroBit.h"
// MicroBit ControlPoint OpCodes
// Requests transfer to the Nordic DFU bootloader.
// This will only occur if
// UUIDs for our service and characteristics
extern const uint8_t MicroBitDFUServiceUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitDFUServiceControlCharacteristicUUID[];
extern const uint8_t MicroBitDFUServiceFlashCodeCharacteristicUUID[];
// Handle on the memory resident Nordic bootloader.
extern "C" void bootloader_start(void);
* Class definition for a MicroBit Device Firmware Update loader.
* This is actually just a frontend to a memory resident nordic DFU loader.
* Here we deal with the MicroBit 'pairing' functionality with BLE devices, and
* very basic authentication and authorization.
* This implementation is not intended to be fully secure, but rather intends to:
* 1. Provide a simple mechanism to identify an individual MicroBit amongst a classroom of others
* 2. Allow BLE devices to discover and cache a passcode that can be used to flash the device over BLE.
* 3. Provide an escape route for programs that 'brick' the MicroBit.
* Represents the device as a whole, and includes member variables to that reflect the components of the system.
class MicroBitDFUService
* Constructor.
* Create a representation of a MicroBit device.
* @param messageBus callback function to receive MicroBitMessageBus events.
MicroBitDFUService(BLEDevice &BLE);
* Returns the friendly name for this device, autogenerated from our Device ID.
* @param name Pointer to a string where the data will be written.
* @return The number of bytes written.
int getName(char *name);
* Begin the pairing process. Typically called when device is powered up with buttons held down.
* Scroll a description on the display, then displays the device ID code as a histogram on the matrix display.
void pair();
* Callback. Invoked when any of our attributes are written via BLE.
virtual void onDataWritten(const GattWriteCallbackParams *params);
// BLE pairing name of this device, encoded as an integer.
uint32_t flashCode;
// State of paiting process.
bool authenticated;
bool flashCodeRequested;
// Bluetooth stack we're running on.
BLEDevice &ble;
// memory for our 8 bit control characteristics.
uint8_t controlByte;
GattAttribute::Handle_t microBitDFUServiceControlCharacteristicHandle;
GattAttribute::Handle_t microBitDFUServiceFlashCodeCharacteristicHandle;
// Displays the device's ID code as a histogram on the LED matrix display.
void showNameHistogram();
// Displays an acknowledgement on the LED matrix display.
void showTick();
// Update BLE characteristic to release our flash code.
void releaseFlashCode();