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#include "mbed.h"
#include "MicroBitComponent.h"
#include "MicroBitPin.h"
* Class definition for MicroBit IO.
* This is an object that contains the pins on the edge connector as properties.
class MicroBitIO
MicroBitPin P0;
MicroBitPin P1;
MicroBitPin P2;
MicroBitPin P3;
MicroBitPin P4;
MicroBitPin P5;
MicroBitPin P6;
MicroBitPin P7;
MicroBitPin P8;
MicroBitPin P9;
MicroBitPin P10;
MicroBitPin P11;
MicroBitPin P12;
MicroBitPin P13;
MicroBitPin P14;
MicroBitPin P15;
MicroBitPin P16;
MicroBitPin P19;
MicroBitPin P20;
* Constructor.
* Create a representation of all given I/O pins on the edge connector
MicroBitIO(int ID_P0, int ID_P1, int ID_P2,
int ID_P3, int ID_P4, int ID_P5,
int ID_P6, int ID_P7, int ID_P8,
int ID_P9, int ID_P10,int ID_P11,
int ID_P12,int ID_P13,int ID_P14,
int ID_P15,int ID_P16,int ID_P19,
int ID_P20);