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#include "mbed.h"
* Base class for payload for ref-counted objects. Used by ManagedString and MicroBitImage.
* There is no constructor, as this struct is typically malloc()ed.
struct RefCounted
* The high 15 bits hold the number of outstanding references. The lowest bit is always 1
* to make sure it doesn't look like vtable.
* Should never be even or one (object should be deleted then).
* When it's set to 0xffff, it means the object sits in flash and should not be counted.
uint16_t refCount;
/** Increment reference count. */
void incr();
/** Decrement reference count. */
void decr();
/** Initializes for one outstanding reference. */
void init();
/** Checks if the object sits in flash memory. */
bool isReadOnly();