Add warning to ah() for porters of future nRF51 SDKs to mbed

Andres Amaya Garcia 7 years ago
parent b0017f9fbf
commit 25cbf4dd40

@ -251,6 +251,13 @@ bool im_address_resolve(ble_gap_addr_t const * p_addr, ble_gap_irk_t const * p_i
* if the irk used in the hash function is the same one used to generate
* the address.
* The array must have a length of 16.
* @note ====IMPORTANT====
* This is a special modification to the original nRF51 SDK required by the mbed BLE API
* to being able to generate BLE private resolvable addresses. This function is used by
* the BLE API implementation for nRF5xSecurityManager::getAddressFromBondTable() in the
* ble-nrf51822 yotta module.
* =================
void ah(uint8_t const * p_k, uint8_t const * p_r, uint8_t * p_local_hash);