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  James Devine 85dd2e7af2 nrf51-sdk: removed unneccessary files from the nrf51-sdk repository, for mbed 2.0 compatability 6 years ago
  James Devine 97f6bff7c4 nrf51-sdk: refined patch to repo and removed debug 6 years ago
  James Devine 62ad4f4e4b nrf51-sdk : rough first draft of working BLE STACK 6 years ago
  James Devine 94c31c8dd2 bonding duplication bug fix 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 762c85be56 microbit: Increase of maximum bond count from 4 to 6. 6 years ago
  Joe Finney 2836a891d8 microbit: Update of maximum BLE bond count from 2 to 4. 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 90647e370e version v2.2.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 60bfeb3065 Merge pull request #17 from andresag01/expose-ble-hash 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia c4ecce5675 Fix typo in id_manager.h @note 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 5a5f81441f Merge pull request #18 from pan-/fixMissingImplementations 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 48a98bb46c Fix indentation 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 51c333fe69 Add missing implementations for peer_manager. This is required by armcc, 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 25cbf4dd40 Add warning to ah() for porters of future nRF51 SDKs to mbed 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia b0017f9fbf Expose function in DM to calculate BLE hash 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard a0faa63aae version v2.1.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 3843844ef2 Merge pull request #15 from andresag01/master 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 4663a53af0 Fix indentation in require_files.txt 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 61ecdef2c5 Delete ble_conn_params.c that is a duplicate of ble_conn_params.cpp 6 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 4c8760c90c Add files from peer manager from nRF51 SDK 10.0.0 6 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 79118e224c version v2.0.0 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard 7ff95c97f4 Merge pull request #9 from andresag01/master 6 years ago
  Vincent Coubard d24043f31d Merge pull request #13 from ARMmbed/nordic_sdk_10.0.0 6 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 8a57aa2d59 Change README to point to sdk v10 7 years ago
  LIYOU ZHOU 164b319592 Merge pull request #8 from ARMmbed/nordic_sdk_9.0.0 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou c63391e05c Port modifications made to noridc files 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 22c7454f7e Add copyright license headers. 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 012b811878 Pull in files from sdk 10.0 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia 25dc1a7185 Add ifdef to include correct mbed.h file in mbedOS 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 7f488715ed Change hci mem pool size to sdk 8 values 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 3f1b2a67ef reduce pstorage cmd queue size to minimize mem usage 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 709d3cdb8c Change version number in README 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 624cd84c4f Revert "Change version number in README" 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 21d0f023a2 Change version number in README 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 9da4af9c11 Port all modification made to noridc files 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 709071c7a3 Change license headers 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 9251259fa8 Copy over coresponding files from nordic-sdk 9.0.0 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou c882164713 Add folder to filter out softdevice 310 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 1fc3a6fa91 version v1.0.1 7 years ago
  LIYOU ZHOU 13cb06829e Merge pull request #7 from andresag01/master 7 years ago
  Andres Amaya Garcia a4a6412210 Add GCC diagnostics to suppress unused-parameter warnings 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover ea51baa33e version v1.0.0 7 years ago
  LIYOU ZHOU 72668df834 Merge pull request #6 from rgrover/master 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover dbd0353632 add -Wno-unused-function 7 years ago
  Rohit Grover da4b1aa86c supress warnings for the sources in nRF51 SDK 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou a384ffab52 Add script functionality to add direcotries 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 497a325268 Remove specifics about modifications to nordics files 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 66a5e90d15 Stop tracking nordic versions, use sementic versioning from 0.0.1 7 years ago
  LIYOU ZHOU 545566992e Merge pull request #4 from ARMmbed/migrate-changes-from-ble-nrf51822 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou dc215189c2 Putting back an include because we have that file. 7 years ago
  Liyou Zhou 5190a08459 Update files with changes made to nordic files in cmsis-core-nrf51822 7 years ago