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Post radio notification callback through minar
Rohit Grover 2015-11-16 09:12:06 +00:00
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@ -109,12 +109,50 @@ public:
/* Store the current radio notification value that will be used in the next callback */
bool radioNotificationCallbackParam;
* In mbed OS, the idea is to post all callbacks through minar scheduler. However, the radio notifications
* are handled in IRQs with very high priority. Trying to post a minar callback directly in
* processRadioNotification() will result in a hard-fault. This is because minar asumes that all callbacks
* are posted from low priority context, so when minar schedules the callback it attempts to enter a
* critical section and disable all interrupts. The problem is that minar tries to do this by invoking the
* SoftDevice with a call to sd_nvic_critical_region_enter() while already running in high priority. This
* results in the SoftDevice generating a hard-fault.
* A solution is to reduce the priority from which the callback is posted to minar. Unfortunately, there
* are not clean ways to do this. The solution implemented uses a Timeout to call
* postRadioNotificationCallback() after a very short delay (1 us) and post the minar callback there.
* !!!WARNING!!! Radio notifications are very time critical events. The current solution is expected to
* work under the assumption that postRadioNotificationCalback() will be executed BEFORE the next radio
* notification event is generated.
Timeout radioNotificationTimeout;
* A helper function to post radio notification callbacks through minar when using mbed OS.
void postRadioNotificationCallback(void) {
mbed::util::FunctionPointer1<void, bool>(&radioNotificationCallback, &FunctionPointerWithContext<bool>::call).bind(radioNotificationCallbackParam)
* A helper function to process radio-notification events; to be called internally.
* @param param [description]
void processRadioNotificationEvent(bool param) {
/* When using mbed OS the callback to the user-defined function will be posted through minar */
radioNotificationCallbackParam = param;
radioNotificationTimeout.attach_us(this, &nRF5xGap::postRadioNotificationCallback, 0);
friend void radioNotificationStaticCallback(bool param); /* allow invocations of processRadioNotificationEvent() */