Release 0.4.8


* Relocate the FOTA bootloader image to this repository. The bootloader
  image(s) was previously stored in the mbed SDK, but it was decided that
  putting it inside the nRF module would make more sense. This allows users to
  replace the bootloader with something other than the default.

  The new search algorithm is:
   - search for any file named nrf51822_bootloader.hex *ELSE*
   - search for any file named (depending on the choice of S130/S110 softdevice)
  The exact location of the bootloader image isn't too important, since mbed
  SDK looks for file names in all scanned resource files.

* Initialize the member `authorizationReply` when posting read-write
  authorization callbacks to the application.

* Minor rework for error handling in nRF5xGattServer::write()--including
  remove of the un-necessary variable `gapConnectionHandle`.

* Update yotta CMake files to suppress warnings for unused parameters and
  missing initializers (especially when building with gcc).
Rohit Grover 8 years ago
parent ee2b3dfe4a
commit d18b39efc4

@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "ble-nrf51822",
"version": "0.4.7",
"version": "0.4.8",
"description": "Nordic stack and drivers for the mbed BLE API.",
"keywords": [