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This repository provides example code for the RF-Sub1GHz modules made by
Example applications are created in this directory, with one subdirectory
for each example application. These are (and must stay) independent.
More usefull stuff is up to you. Creating an app is *very* simple. Copy one of
the examples to the name you want and start coding.
** Please, no spaces (or special characters) in the directory names ! **
Refer to the main README file (at the root of the core support git repository)
for more information about building and flashing.
If you did not get it yet, the core lpc122x support can be cloned from our
git clone git://
You should then move this repository to the apps sub-directory of the core
support repository.
System Reference Manual and electronics sources for the modules can be found
- on our server under this directory :
- on our Wiki :
- on our git : (elec libraries for KiCaD) (schematics RF Sub-1GHZ boards) (documentation)