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  • Add support for the future deprecation for cmake_force_xxx_compiler
  • Enable float printf by default, add instructions to readme on how to override this for individual targets.


  • Add support for building individual modules with code coverage


  • Switch on C++11 compilation by default. This is technically a breaking change, but the mbed-OS modules themselves have been patched so that they continue to work correctly.


  • add config for mbed default baud rate


  • update for compatibility with CMake 3.4


  • set dwarf debug info version to 3, for compatibility with the uVision debugger.


  • add support for a GLOBALLY_LINKED_TARGET_LIBS variable that derived targets can set to specify libraries that should be linked into every executable.


  • add <builddir>/generated/include to the header saerch paths: this is the canonical place to put generated headers (prefixed by module name to avoid clashes)


For this and prior releases, no changes were tracked. Please see the git history