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Brendan Moran 84cfc737bb
version v1.1.0
8 years ago
CMake Merge pull request #19 from bremoran/coverage 8 years ago
coverage Add single-module code-coverage support 8 years ago version v1.1.0 8 years ago
LICENSE Added license information 8 years ago Add link to changeling in readme 8 years ago
target.json version v1.1.0 8 years ago

Base yotta Target Description for Compiling with arm-none-eabi-gcc

This is a base yotta target description for compiling mbed OS with the arm gcc cross-compiler. Other target descriptions can inherit from it and add or override things as necessary (such as the link script, or preprocessor definitions).

You should not select this target to compile with directly (compilation will probably not succeed without target-specific startup code).

See for the changes associated with each version.